"Saving lives at childbirth"

Distributed delivery kits
Trained birth attendants
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Why us?

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change

Empowering women during childbirth through innovation, affordability, and cultural resonance — Safe Motherhood Alliance stands at the forefront of transformative healthcare, ensuring every woman’s journey is met with care, compassion, and convenience.

Convenient Distribution

We ensure accessibility by distributing our products directly to pregnant women in low-income communities and rural areas.

Complete Sterile Solutions

Our products contribute to a 90% reduction in infections during homebirths, providing a comprehensive and sterile solution for safer childbirth.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Experience a 60% reduction in the cost of admission supplies for clinic childbirth, making quality healthcare more affordable for all.

Culturally Appropriate Delivery

Trust matters. Our products are delivered by trusted community members, ensuring a culturally appropriate approach to healthcare that resonates with local values.

What we do

Revolutionizing Women's Healthcare

Every birth is a beacon of change. Experience innovation, embrace compassion, and help us reshape women’s healthcare. Your journey to transformation starts here.

Economic Empowerment for Women

Educational Programs for Healthcare Workers

Safe Childbirth Kits

Community Health Worker Training

Mobile Health Solutions

Menstrual Hygiene Initiatives

Our mobile app

Nurturing Every Journey

Launching soon, the Safe Motherhood App is a groundbreaking solution for maternal healthcare, accessible on Android and USSD platforms. The app offers personalized health information, vaccination reminders, and online antenatal care, catering to pregnant women’s needs at every stage. It introduces a unique “Uber for pregnant women” feature, connecting users with trained birth attendants for prompt assistance during labor. The app also facilitates the supply of essential healthcare products through a network of clinics, sending weekly reminders and key date notifications to support pregnant women from conception through postpartum. This digital initiative aims to ensure equitable access to maternal healthcare, striving to prevent mortality and improve the well-being of both mothers and newborns.

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