Muzalema Mwanza

Meet the Founder at the Helm of Change

Muzalema Mwanza is the founder of Safe Motherhood Alliance, an organization established after her own personal experience during childbirth, to advance safe births in underserved communities.  A social entrepreneur, civil engineer, and health advocate, Muzalema is removing anxiety from the birth process by rebuilding trust between communities and clinics. She works to ensure that mothers do not compromise their own safety and that of their newborns in under-resourced clinics as well as during home births that may be far from a safe health facility. In this context, Muzalema trains birth attendants to improve the quality of care and safety in both clinic and home births across Zambia. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow, an Obama Leader Africa Fellow, an Africa Prize Finalist, and an Ashoka Fellow, Slush Global Impact Accelerator winner in Finland, and a YHER Africa Accelerator winner, and she has been featured on the BBC and she is also an Echoing Green Fellow. Muzalema believes community support is important as her goal is to promote social empowerment through education around sexual and reproductive health for women. These systems change processes once implemented in communities will evolve the role of unskilled birth attendants into skilled birth attendants scaling their overall potential to replicate clean birth practices. Her business model has unique potential to make significant contributions to critical research gaps surrounding the cost effectiveness of baby delivery kits.

Our mobile app

What you need to know about our app

The mobile app will be available on both Android and USSD and will provide pregnant women will access to health information depending on the stage in pregnancy, vaccination reminders, antenatal care online and information about breastfeeding and postpartum.

“Uber for pregnant women”, the mobile app will be able to connect pregnant women registered on the app with trained birth attendants that will be able to respond to them promptly if they’re in labor by locating the nearest birth attendant.

pregnant women through our network of clinics and hospitals once they register on the app and send them weekly reminders and prompts and key dates throughout their pregnancy through to post pregnancy and track key metrics.

Our solution

What you need to know about our birthing kits

The impact of Safe Motherhood Alliance goes beyond the distribution of baby delivery kits. We have observed remarkable changes in the lives of our target population through improved quality of care during childbirth. The kits, containing eight essential items as mandated by the Ministry of Health and WHO, play a crucial role in reducing the risks of complications that may endanger both the mother and the newborn. As we continue to distribute these kits and train traditional birth attendants, we are contributing to a safer and more sustainable approach to maternal healthcare, ensuring that every woman has the chance to give birth in a clean and safe environment.


Innovate for Safe Births

Safe Motherhood Alliance innovatively produces a low-cost baby delivery kit, priced at US$5.00, using appropriate technology. The kit contains essential tools recommended by WHO, ensuring safe and sterile conditions during childbirth.


Affordable Birthing Solutions.

Recognizing cost as a barrier, the baby delivery kit is subsidized for our target market, pregnant women in low-income communities. The items are mandatory for admission to a public hospital, making them more accessible.


Deliver Hope, Bridge Gaps.

To enhance accessibility, we employ a distribution network that delivers these kits directly to pregnant women in low-income communities and rural areas, ensuring they have the necessary tools for clean and safe childbirth.

Our team

Meet the brilliant minds behind our powerful impact

Muzalema Mwanza

Founder & CEO

Muzalema is a dedicated and compassionate leader with over 15 years of experience working directly with rural communities focusing on education, gender empowerment and maternal healthcare reflecting her commitment to improving the well-being of mothers and children around the world. As the CEO Muzalema has been a driving force in establishing the organization as a leading advocate for maternal healthcare. Her visionary leadership has led to the development of innovative programs aimed at reducing maternal mortality rates and improving access to quality healthcare for mothers in marginalized communities.

Mabel Majula

Chief Operations Officer

Mabel is a results-driven Chief Operating Officer with over 10 years of experience in non-profit management. She has a proven track record of optimizing organizational efficiency, implementing strategic initiatives, and fostering cross-functional collaboration. Adept at overseeing daily operations, managing resources, and ensuring the successful execution of mission-driven programs. Committed to driving positive social impact and advancing the organization's mission through effective leadership and operational excellence.

Mhlangeni Chiiko

Chief Finance Officer

Mhlangeni has over 10 years of finance and accounting management experience with companies in Zambia and overseas. He brings experience in a broad range of industries, including public accounting, venture capital management, health care, strategic internet technical and creative consulting, nonprofit, and specialty recruiting. Mhlangeni is experienced in virtually most aspects of finance and accounting management, including financial reporting, budgeting, financial modeling and analysis, business planning, and process improvement.

Benson Kapenda

Programs Manager

Benson is an accomplished Programs Manager with a passion for improving maternal health outcomes. Proven track record in successfully designing, implementing, and managing impactful programs within the non-profit sector. He is adept at building collaborative partnerships, driving strategic initiatives, and advocating for the well-being of mothers and infants and committed to advancing maternal health through innovative and evidence-based interventions.

White Ngulube

Data Analyst

White brings a proven track record of developing and implementing effective monitoring and health programs to ensure the well-being of expectant mothers and infants. His passion for data analysis and social change, combined with strong leadership and analytical skills, enables him to drive impactful initiatives that contribute to the organization's mission of improving maternal and child health outcomes.

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