Our Journey: Empowering Women through Health Innovation

Unveiling a Vision

In the heart of Zambia, our journey begins with a profound commitment – to revolutionize women’s healthcare. We are architects of a unique experience, leveraging innovative products and digital technologies to accompany women through every stage of their life journey, particularly during the critical moments of childbirth.

Confronting the Challenge

In our pursuit, a formidable challenge emerged – the silent menace of infection claiming lives during childbirth. Resource-strapped health facilities battled to maintain a sterile birthing environment. Distressingly, 40% of pregnant women in Zambia lacked access to affordable healthcare, with rural and low-income communities facing barriers of distance and high costs.

Illuminating the Path: The Delivery Kit

Undaunted, we introduced our beacon of hope – the baby delivery kit. This comprehensive solution not only provides essentials for safe childbirth but also incorporates biodegradable maternal pads made from local materials. To amplify our impact, our platform utilizes machine learning diagnostic tools, connecting field health workers and empowering them to deliver personalized solutions.

Innovation in Action

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond childbirth. With the success of the baby delivery kit, we’re collaborating with partners, including the Ministry of Health, to develop products that align with user needs while respecting cultural norms for maternal and newborn care.

Bridging Gaps, Creating Opportunities

Our mission transcends traditional business models. Through a dual distribution approach – B2C and B2B – we reach communities and health facilities alike. Training community healthcare workers and engaging with organizations and international NGOs, we invite you to join us in expanding our reach and ensuring safe childbirth becomes a universal reality.

Beyond Birth: Nurturing the Continuum

Our impact spans the entire reproductive health continuum. We’re advocates not just for childbirth but also for essential newborn care, postpartum maternal health, and menstrual hygiene. In our pursuit of gender equality, we offer education, employment, and economic opportunities to rural women, creating a ripple effect of empowerment across our supply chain.

Co-author the Next Chapter with Us

As we craft this narrative of transformation, each birthing kit becomes a chapter, and every empowered woman contributes to the story. Join us on this collaborative journey, where innovation and compassion converge, reshaping the narrative of women’s healthcare in Zambia and beyond. Together, we script a future where every woman’s journey is characterized by empowerment and well-being.

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