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    FAQs: Your Quick Guide!

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    Our mission is to transform women’s healthcare by using innovative products and digital technologies. We aim to create a unique experience for women at every stage of their life journey, with a particular focus on reducing maternal and infant mortality rates during childbirth in Zambia.

    Our baby delivery kits are comprehensive solutions that include all necessary items for a safe childbirth, including biodegradable maternal pads made with local materials. Additionally, our platform employs machine learning diagnostic tools, connecting health workers in the field to provide personalized solutions.

    You can join us in various ways, whether by purchasing our kits, becoming a distribution partner, or supporting our initiatives through collaboration. Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you on how you can play a vital role in reshaping women’s healthcare.

    Absolutely! We’ve adopted a B2B model, allowing organizations and international NGOs to purchase our kits in bulk for distribution. By partnering with us, you contribute to ensuring safe childbirth reaches more women in need.

    Our impact extends beyond childbirth. We’re actively involved in essential newborn care, postpartum maternal health, and menstrual hygiene. Additionally, we focus on promoting gender equality by providing education, employment, and economic opportunities to rural women across our supply chain

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